Beautiful Charming in Ethnic Shades with 9 Recommendations for Women’s Modern Batik

Wearing ethnic nuanced clothes such as batik can make us look beautiful and charming on several occasions. The important thing is that the selected batik clothes model can be adapted to the theme of the event, whether formal, formal, semi-formal, or casual. Now there are many models of modern batik clothes that can be chosen for collection. Come on, see the latest recommendations for batik clothes from BP-Guide!

The many types and designs of batik make it easier for us to choose our favorite outfit

Batik as a typical Indonesian fabric that has been approved by UNESCO comes in a variety of unique patterns and designs. Especially at this time, batik has been transformed into modern clothing which is a new trend in the fashion world. This also makes it easier and more flexible for us to choose batik clothes that suit our tastes.

Types of Modern Batik

• Blouse

Blouses are tops for women that are loosely designed in a variety of styles. Some have collars, buttons, and some don’t. Some blouses are usually also added with certain details to make it look sweeter.

Modern batik clothes are now available in the form of blouses with attractive models. This batik blouse can be combined with pants or skirts and various other fashion items.

• Outer

Outer is a women’s top that is used as an outer to coat the inner clothes. Examples are clothing manufacturers UK, blazers, vests, cardigans, or jackets. Although the general function is the same, each outer gives a different impression.

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Like a blazer that is suitable for work and formal wear, a cardigan for a casual look, or a jacket that is suitable for winter and rainy seasons. Now, modern batik clothes are also present in several cool outer types such as blazers, vests, or cardigans.

• Gown

Modern batik clothes that are now also part of the trend are batik dresses. Many batik dresses are now created in various motifs and designs to produce trendy and elegant clothes. Batik dresses can also be worn on many occasions.

• Tunic

Tunics are women’s tops that are similar to blouses but are longer and looser. Tunics are widely used by Muslim women because it is a design that can cover the genitals. Not to forget, batik is also made into a beautiful tunic that makes the wearer look more graceful. The general tunic is combined with pants or a skirt.

9 Recommendations for Modern Batik

Danar Hadi Blouse Batik Print with Lung Kemladean Motif

Danar Hadi Batik is one of the well-known batik brands that has started exporting its products to Japan, Italy, and the US since 1980.

The success of Danar Hadi’s batik was accompanied by the establishment of several woven fabric, woven thread, and garment companies. Even the Danar Hadi Batik Museum was founded in 1999 in a 1.5 hectare building.

Batik Danar Hadi also presents a collection of modern batik clothes, namely the Blouse Batik Print with the Lung Kemladean motif. This red batik print blouse is made of cotton with a round collar and back zip.

Adikusuma Blouse Modern Batik

One of Indonesia’s proud batik brands that is able to turn traditional fabrics into modern and flexible batik clothes is Adikusuma.

Batik Adikusuma offers a variety of exclusive batik clothing collections with trendy and dynamic designs according to the tastes of young people. One example is this Modern Batik Blouse.

This pastel-toned batik print blouse features a mandarin-style collar and a back zip. The material is premium cotton which is not transparent, lightweight, and does not stretch. You can have this long-sleeved batik blouse with sweet patterns and colors.

Rianty Batik Blouse Jesra

Batik clothes are indeed appropriate to wear to the office. Because batik is a typical Indonesian cloth that must be preserved, most offices in Indonesia also require their employees to wear batik clothes on certain days.

However, batik clothes for the office must of course give a formal impression. One of the modern batik clothes that can be worn to the office is the Jesra Blouse from Rianty Batik. This batik print blouse has a modern design and makes you look fashionable when you go to the office.

The collar model is made high. There is also a front button detail and a zipper opening at the back. The blouse material is made of cotton which is light and comfortable to wear.

Modern Batik Prass Tunic Women’s Batik

Batik clothing is also the most suitable for attending various events and invitations. Batik clothing that can be chosen is a dress or tunic that can be combined with wrapped pants or skirts.

If you prefer to wear a tunic, the modern batik clothes that you can choose from is the Modern Batik Prass Tunic for Women’s Batik.

This tunic has a beautiful batik motif and the material is a comfortable cotton material. The sleeve length is 7/8 and the cuffs have a ribbon detail that makes this tunic look even cuter.

Zachi Top – Women’s Batik Top Blouse for Women

Modern batik shirt with a casual model and suitable for casual is Zachi Top – Women’s Batik Blouse Top. Zachi Top is a simple batik top from the Evercloth brand that you can use for various activities.

You can combine this top with pants or skirts. This top is made of premium cotton and has a zipper on the back. The length of the shirt is 60 cm and the bust is 100 cm.

Batik Suryamas Kemben Jumputan

You can also find modern batik clothes that match the styles of today’s youth in the Suryamas Batik collection. Batik Suryamas presents unique, trendy, and contemporary batik fashion models. One of the collections is the Kemben Jumputan batik blouse.

This batik print blouse in a combination of bright brown and orange colors is made of cotton which is light and comfortable, of course. The collar is made of a modern box model.

Batik Etniq Craft Women’s Batik Clothes Liza Viscose Gr

Batik Etniq Craft is present as one of the batik brands that presents a collection of quality batik clothing with attractive models. You can get various kinds of batik clothing models from Batik Ethniq Craft. One of them is Liza Viscose Gr.

This batik cap top with 3/4 sleeves is made of comfortable viscose material. The neck has a V model. There is also a unique detail with a 1-sided hole. This top can be used as a blouse and can also be used as an outer.

Martha Camilla Outer Batik

To get batik clothes with modern designs, you can also choose a collection from Batik Martha. One of the modern batik collections from Batik Martha is Camilia Outer which comes in a combination of brown and black colors.

This batik print outer motif looks elegant with a lapel collar model. The front has a drawstring. The material is made of lightweight, comfortable, and non-transparent cotton.

Bhatara Batik Zanna

One more modern batik clothes that you can choose is outer Zanna from Bhatara Batik. Bhatara Batik also has a collection of contemporary batik clothing whose designs are favored by young people.

This batik cap outer with short sleeves comes in beautiful multicolours. The outer front is left open. The material is paris rayon which does not stretch and is not transparent.